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June 27, 2024
Color: Medium Brown

I use the product dry. It lasts much longer than other products.

May 2, 2024
Color: Medium Brown

Thank you! I love your product!

February 4, 2024
Color: Silver Gray

A little hard to manage the blending of the 2 colors, but it works. Like the way my hair looks when applied.

December 22, 2023
Color: Platinum Blonde

Color isn’t working for me. Disappointed.

December 13, 2023
Color: Medium Brown

I like the applicator. The powder seems a little too dark for me. The size of the case is awkwardly large — I wish it was either smaller or rectangular in shape. I’m going to try the powder again after my hair appointment — maybe the powder will match better once my roots are dyed. Otherwise, I’m not sure which color to order — maybe red.

October 11, 2023
Color: Medium Brown

Hello I ordered 2 , and one of them I returned today .. I called you last week and advised that I am keeping one and returning the 2nd one -- the reason is that I ordered two different colors and once I used one , I decided that I need to stay with only one color and I am returning the other color as you stated please process the refund of $47.00 once you receive my returned item Thank you for your service ... I am happy with the one I Kept Sincerely

October 4, 2023
Color: Light Brown

Seems to work well but the price point seems a little high as I would think twice about reordering

September 14, 2023
Color: Black

very good product. I wish the black when applied was blacker.

August 8, 2023
Color: Dark Brown

I don't like the way it makes my hair feel.

June 10, 2023
Color: Dark Brown

This product works well once you get the application technique down. I have short hair and found that applying Derm match at night allows me to touch it up in the morning for a nearly full undetectable cover up. I feel like the initial application blends and evens out over night. Also, once the initial application has dried, it is easier to do small touch ups to needed areas. I went with the dark brown. However, I wish there always a way to make custom colors other then purchasing multiple shades and mixing.

May 30, 2023
Color: Medium Brown

I selected the wrong shade. This is not the company’s fault but it’s hard to tell without a sample size. Maybe you can offer these?

May 15, 2023
Color: Dark Brown

I’m still learning how to use it. Using a little bit on the sponge. I will get the knack of it.

May 3, 2023
Color: Medium Brown

Seems to work as described - I haven't used it a whole lot, today is in fact the first time I have used it beyond tests. Colour matches quite well

April 26, 2023
Color: Medium Brown

I ordered the medium brown. I wish it wasn’t so reddish otherwise it works fine.

April 7, 2023
Color: Light Brown

The shade is too light. Maybe need the med brown. Instead of light brown

April 5, 2023
Color: Silver Gray

I've been a user for 20 years

March 20, 2023
Color: Light Brown

i wish it would stay on longer.

January 29, 2023
Color: Silver Gray

I have only tried it twice. The gray is really light, but it does make it so I don't look like I'm balding because of having such a pink scalp. And the white/silver top is so light.

December 15, 2022
Color: Black

Received with no issues. Thank you.

November 4, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

One of the best hair concealers I've used. Stays in much better than hair fibers. One container lasts a long time. I still gave issues with it rubbing off in my pillow. If this could be solved it would be perfect to me.

November 2, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

Hi there, I finally got around to testing my first order of DermMatch. The product seems to work well but unfortunately is just a bit too dark. I purchased dark brown and after my test, I think medium brown would look more natural. Do you offer any sort of exchange program? Thank you!

October 23, 2022
Color: Light Brown

It took a couple of tries on the application process, but I did notice some coverage. However, the selection of colors is limited, and I really had trouble deciding what the best color would be for me. I ended up purchasing a shade that was a bit too light, so if I decide to purchase again, I'll try a darker shade.

October 3, 2022
Color: Medium Brown

I like it. Gonna take some practice to get good with it. Where I do have some thinning hair it’s great. Going with dry applicator at the hairline works great. Bald spot on crown not so good. Just do not bridge the gap between the hair I have on the front with the back. Stays on better than fibers regardless. Like this product stays put. Love it.

September 18, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

The dark brown may be too dark for me. I think I might need to try the medium brown too. I love the applicators. Makes it much easier.

September 13, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

Its taking getting used to. But it covers well. Makes a mess on my pillow but thats fine. Trying to get application down to a quick science. Trying all the directions and review ideas

September 5, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

Great product- will order again.

July 25, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

In my opinion the medium brown is to reddish.

July 4, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

Good coverage for my Alopecia so I am thankful for that and covers the greys too

June 18, 2022
Color: Dark Brown


June 1, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

It has great coverage but makes my hair flat and doesn’t feel clean

May 4, 2022
Color: Black

Should definitely come with more applicators.

April 16, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

Overall good.

January 5, 2022
Color: Dark Brown

Having received my order, I would really like to exchange the Black for another Brown, which appears to be a perfect match. One other bit of feedback from someone who oil on my scalp for hair maintenance, the product does come off, but still helps provide alopecia coverage.

Jersey e
December 10, 2021
Color: Dark Brown

Like to change to different color later when order

July 4, 2021
Color: Black

So far it seems to be working fine. I've only used it twice. Still working on a system that works for me.

boones creek christian
May 12, 2021
Color: Dark Brown

It helps cover my bald spots- especially my widows peak.

May 10, 2021
Color: Dark Brown

Having trouble matching my salt and pepper hair color.

March 4, 2021
Color: Black

This has become the primary product I use to cover my bald spot. It has many advantages over Toppik. I wish I had tried dark brown instead of black. I’m in need of new applicators. I believe I read that you will provide them for free. How do I get new applicators?

February 13, 2021
Color: White

Became aware of your product through online videos from the MakeOverGuy! Love how he helps so many women. So, I purchased a color for everyone in our family, 4. The colors actually worked well. Thank God, we really don't need the product; however, already recommended it to a girlfriend of mine who desperately needs this. Like the cost of the product is economical and is better than the fake sprinkle hair, thank you! I am keeping the DermMatch in case I or someone I know may need it. Great product, thank you!

February 12, 2021
Color: Light Brown

I think I really like it! Once I get use to applying it and become better at it, I feel my rating would turn into a 5! While very easy to use, it takes a skilled hand but I am getting better at it, even my hair dresser was impressed. Check back with me in a couple of months (and yes Florida, it will even be warming up in the north thank God). If all goes as expected and I do improve it at applying it, I would be happy to write a review for your company. I don't think you are all that well known (I stumbled across you on the internet) I am probably your key target, early 60's, crown thinning due to genetics and was panicked to be thinning so badly. While this cannot replace my hair, it really works to give the appearance that my hair is full at the crown! Thank you for that! Feel free to check in with me but on one condition. if you are a US based company and not a China based business. thank you, thank you!

January 23, 2021
Color: Dark Brown

It’s the best concealer so far that I’ve tried. I wish there were better ways to get texture for spots with Zero hair. Thank you

January 20, 2021
Color: Black

Works real good! I didn't give it a 5 because I was a little itchy from it some hours later. but I will continue to use the product to see how it works.

December 14, 2020
Color: Medium Brown

I get a little better control of the application of your product as opposed to that of your competitor. Color match for me is difficult as my hair is a mousey gray. I am using dark brown and silver gray combination to try to match.

October 9, 2020
Color: Dark Brown

Good product

October 5, 2020
Color: Dark Brown

Been using it for a long time to cover thinning in the crown area. Thanks.

September 10, 2020
Color: Medium Brown

I have been ordering from you for years! All Good

August 19, 2020
Color: Dark Brown

This product is good and I’m very satisfied thanks

August 12, 2020
Color: Light Brown

I would give 5 stars but the applicators break easily where the tab holding the foam meets the handle

August 11, 2020
Color: Silver Grey

Like it. a little hard to apply at first but it looks much better than fibers

August 2, 2020
Color: Dark Brown

It's not for me

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