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June 23, 2016
Color: Dark Brown

I wish it had contained sunscreen.

June 3, 2016
Color: Dark Brown

Very Good.

May 19, 2016
Color: Medium Brown

a very friendly staff

April 1, 2016
Color: Dark Brown

Was fiber user. Canceled auto after trying DermMatch. Application is more difficult for me, but longer lasting. Confused with dry or damp applicator. Apply to scalp rubbing through thin hair? Appreciate suggestions

April 1, 2016
Color: Silver Grey


March 31, 2016
Color: Black

I am quite satisfied with your product, but it takes a bit long for applying and also my hair color does not appear shiny or the original color I have to use other products to make bit shiny. kindly advice. Keep it up... Regards

March 24, 2016
Color: Medium Brown

I really like the product except the med brown was a little too dark for my hair color, wish you had samples. Will have to order light brown next time. I use med brown with my fibers.

March 11, 2016
Color: Medium Brown

Love the price as it is a great value. Love the color/tone/shade of brown.

March 9, 2016
Color: Dark Brown

I have been using the product for 18 yrs. always happy

March 2, 2016
Color: Dark Brown

Have been using the product since the beginning 1990's. New product received has not been used yet. Waiting to finish my old stock.

February 14, 2016
Color: White

I like the product, I ordered a white and a silver. I don't like the white it doesn't work as good. I thought I could blend the two together but the silver alone is better.

February 8, 2016
Color: Medium Brown

Has a bit of a chalky feel but covers well

February 7, 2016
Color: Medium Brown

It would be helpful if there was video instructions on the application for women.

February 3, 2016
Color: Black

I am satisfied with the product. It is a decent quick fix to help me look my best for special occasion. The color matches my natural color well and the shading of bare scalp is all I can ask for. Basically I like it.

January 28, 2016
Color: Platinum Blonde

It looks good once it is applied, but takes a very long time to do. I have to work at trying not to get it on my hair (scalp only) as much as possible, because it takes all the shine away from my hair. That means a lot of parting and applying, which makes me dread doing it. Once I'm done, it does look a lot better than anything else I've tried and I've tried everything.

January 10, 2016
Color: Silver Grey

Good cover, but looks a little drab in hair. Tried brushing it through, but it didn't get shinier. However, I will keep working at it. It really gives good coverage in areas where I am beginning to thin. I like it much better then the spray on choices. I have tried it dry and dampening the applicator. I prefer dry.

January 8, 2016
Color: Light Brown

This is the second color that I have purchased, I am now blending the 2 for a better color match.

January 5, 2016
Color: Medium Brown

The product is great but too much comes off on my pillow at night. Anything to help?

December 18, 2015
Color: Red

I ordered red, my hair is auburn, and the product is too light. I do like the coverage and ease of applying.

December 13, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

Had medium brown before and decided to try a darker shade - this suits me better. The only issue I have is that it does come off a little on pillow cases.

December 7, 2015
Color: Black

Still learning how to apply it in a realistic fashion, but that will come in time, so far so good.

December 4, 2015
Color: Light Brown

I love this stuff, it works great, much better than the hair fibers. It really does make my hair look fuller and I don't have any mess.

December 1, 2015
Color: Medium Brown

Arrived in good shape and promptly. You need to add a button on your order form asking if clients require applicators or not.

November 29, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

You need to produce a smaller travel size/ beach/handbag one with perhaps magnifying mirror.

November 26, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

Seems to work well.

November 17, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

This is my second time purchasing the product and it came in good condition.

November 16, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

The product works amazingly well. But I do have difficulty applying it evenly on the crown and back of head where I am unable to see without a mirror. With a mirror, it gets tricky. Any suggestions and advice will be accepted.

November 8, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

Having some trouble with application, but still trying to adjust my technique for proper consistency.

October 30, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

I do like the product.

October 20, 2015
Color: Light Brown

I have ordered from you for years. Great job on quick delivery, and the product arrived as ordered and in perfect shape! Thank you for doing a great job, and you will be hearing from me again!

October 6, 2015
Color: Black

I ordered the gray first but then had to order the black to try and blend in better. I can't quite get the results I want, but over all I still like the product. I use it to hide a donor scar in the back of my head. Good results and even my wife can't tell

October 2, 2015
Color: Medium Brown

This color is better on me, thank you.

October 1, 2015
Color: Medium Brown

So far I have not been able to get good coverage but I am still working on learning to apply correctly.

September 29, 2015
Color: Black

I love the product overall.

September 8, 2015
Color: Black

Product has arrived, thanks. Tried it and it is easy to put on the front but would need help to do the sides and back properly.

September 4, 2015
Color: Red

First I do like the product, I would like to see a color that's dark auburn-brown. I find my scalp looks too red with the auburn and too brown with the light brown.

August 15, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

Find it difficult to apply on the top back side of the head using the applicator and two mirrors.

August 6, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

Questions were already answered. Used product for a while. Works for me.

August 5, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

I wash my hair every day, so I use up the DermMatch faster that other people might.

August 4, 2015
Color: Medium Brown

Bought for my husband. He's very satisfied with product but finds it works better for him not wetting the brush.

July 29, 2015
Color: Medium Brown

Difficult to get uniform coverage. Good near the hairline.

July 27, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

I just started using it. So far I like it very much. My hair looks fuller. And it does not rub off on my pillow. As I continue using I will let you know how it goes. Thank you.

July 26, 2015
Color: Medium Brown

Need lots of practice applying it on my hair by myself as its kind of hard to master.

July 24, 2015
Color: Medium Brown

I used the product for many years.

Nancy J
July 16, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

I am very pleased with the coverage.

June 23, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

Quite satisfied with this product.

June 20, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

I am very glad that this product is available.

June 18, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

Thank goodness for your product.

June 7, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

The product works great!

June 4, 2015
Color: Dark Brown

I have only used it three times, the last two times I used a make-up type brush. After the first use, I thought I would have to return DermMatch. Last night was my third try and worked relatively well. DermMatch doesn't sprinkle onto my face and eyes.