Hair loss scams are everywhere.

Hair loss scams are everywhere.

Fraudulent hair growth products are everywhere. You're really on your own to protect yourself.  It takes hardcore clinical science to actually prove that a product grows hair or stops hair loss. That's why the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has approved only two hair growth drugs: Rogaine and Propecia.

If you see products advertised to grow hair by unblocking your follicles, nourishing your scalp or increasing circulation, run for the hills. What's the number one scam? The blocked follicle scam. It's also the oldest scam in the book.

How did the blocked follicle scam get started? Follicles sometimes fill with sebum. Sebum is a soft, waxy product of the sebaceous gland from within the follicle. It's there as a natural lubricant for your skin and hair. Sebum does not cause hair loss by blocking your follicles, nor do cosmetic concealers like DermMatch.

Growing hairs from productive follicles are practically unstoppable. Ingrown hairs are painful evidence of this. Hair follicles, however, are often genetically preprogrammed to die. Dead follicles no longer produce hairs. This is called androgenetic alopecia and it accounts for more than 90% of all hair loss.

Learn about hair loss. Trust only medical and scientific resources. Stay informed on dramatic advancements in surgical hair restoration, hair growth drugs, cosmetic concealers and hair systems.  Never get scammed. 

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